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Cannibal Sharks

Packed with jaw-dropping footage and fascinating science, Cannibal Sharks investigates the shocking world of shark on shark predation. In Australia, we meet the fisherman who keeps finding severed shark heads on his lines. Analysis reveals there can only be one perpetrator; another shark! The shock discovery kickstarts an investigation that takes us around the world on the trail of shark-eating sharks. In the Bahamas we witness lemon sharks hunting their own kind amongst the twisted mangrove roots of Bimini Island. Off Florida we see remarkable drone and underwater footage of Hammerheads targeting one of the largest gatherings of sharks on Earth. And inside the womb of a Sand Tiger we learn how the oldest pup attacks and eats all it’s siblings.  With reports of shark on shark predation on the rise, the world’s leading shark experts are on hand to reveal why and how it happens. From the two-foot Cookie Cutter that rips chunks out of White Sharks ten times their size, to the prehistoric shark that ate it’s own young, prepare to see sharks as you’ve never seen them before in Cannibal Sharks.


  • Director / Producer:
    Mark Woodward
  • Assistant Producer:
    Emily Franke
  • Exec Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe
  • Editor:
    Mark Woodward, James Wilson
  • Photography:
    James Blake, Paul Williams, Carlos de Varona, Hansa Winshaw
  • Underwater Photography:
    Duncan Brake
  • Aerial Photography:
    Braden Ruddy, Proflight
  • Narrator:
    Mocean Melvin
  • Graphics:
    Huge Designs
  • Visual FX:
    Alister Ferguson, Greg McKee
  • Music:
    Extreme Music, Figure and Groove
  • Scientific Consultants:
    Demian Chapman, Geremy Cliff, Tristan Guttridge, Mike Heithaus, Stephen Kajiura, Mark Meekan, Yannis Papastamatiou
  • Head of Production:
    Kim Keys
  • Production Team:
    Rhiannon Burton, Eoin Dillon, Nick Franke
  • Post Production:
  • Sound Post Production:
    Red Six
  • Re-Recording Mixer:
    Andrew Wilson
  • Sound Editors:
    Nicholas Allen, Owen Peters