Our Productions

Daniel and Our Cats

  • 2007
  • 1 hour
  • Animal Planet

This award-winning documentary tells the fateful story of Catherine, a French woman who travelled to Namibia in search of Africa’s big cats. In the midst of the desert she married Daniel, known locally as the lion man. Fascinated by his extraordinary ways with animals, Catherine lived an unusual and idyllic life in the remote Namibian hills with two leopards, a black-maned lion and her new husband.

One fateful night everything she loved was snatched away. Daniel, Catherine and their cats were on their way to a film shoot when their cats were confiscated by the authorities at the Namibia/South Africa border. Without the right paperwork they stood no chance with the authorities.

When Daniel is finally able to track his cats down in Namibia, incredible footage shows the reunion between him and cats, as all three cats remember Daniel, highlighting their unique bond. But as Daniel begins the long journey home to Catherine and his lawyers in a desperate attempt to reclaim his cats, yet another tragedy befalls them all.

Daniel and our Cats is a personal, true story of love, loss and healing, told in Catherine’s own words.


  • Narrator:
    Catherine Bollon
  • Photography:
    Simon Wilkie and Brian Uranovsky
  • Music:
    Roxbury Music
  • Editor:
    Mike Crozier
  • Producer/Director:
    Julika Kennaway
  • Executive Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe


  • Durban Wildtalk:
    Roscar Award Best Newcomer
  • Cine:
    Golden Eagle
  • New York Festivals:
    Bronze Award