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Sharkcam Stakeout, Shark Week 30th Anniversary Special

  • 2018
  • 1 hour
  • Discovery

In our 5th SharkCam show Greg Skomal and Woods Hole Oceanographic engineers, Amy Kukulya & Roger Stokey  head to Bimini Island in the Bahamas. Up to now the robot sub has only been able to track huge white sharks up to 20 feet but that’s all about to change.  With a brand new miniaturised tag, SharkCam can finally  track much smaller  sharks like Bulls.  In a ground-breaking hour, Greg teams up with ‘Doc’ Gruber  & Tristan Guttridge, from the Bimini Biological Field Station, to track bull sharks ‘Buffy’ and ‘Hudson’ as they take Shark Week viewers into the record books with a 17 hour track.



WOW looks epic and really thought you guys did awesome with the storytelling :) - Dr Tristan Guttridge, Shark Expert
SharkCam stakeout: The latest in the series of shows using an autonomous underwater robot to follow sharks and observe their behavior, this time featuring Greg Skomal working with NOT great whites! In this case, the robot followed around a bull shark for hours while scientific experts narrated the shark’s behavior and what it encountered. It was really well done science, natural history, and storytelling. I could see lots and lots of future similar shows with different species in different environments. A. - Dr David Shiffman


  • Director:
    Nick Stringer
  • Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe
  • Producer/ Editor:
    Mark Woodward
  • Photography:
    Paul Williams
  • Photogrphy:
    Mark Sharman
  • Underwater Photography:
    Duncan Brake
  • Scientific Consultant:
    Greg Skomal
  • Scientific Consultant:
    'Doc' Gruber
  • Scientific Consultant:
    Tristan Guttridge
  • SharkCam Engineer, WHOI:
    Amy Kukulya
  • SharkCam Engineer, WHOI:
    Roger Stokey
  • Picture Post Production:
    Films of 59
  • Sound Post Production:
    Andrew Wilson, RedSix
  • Graphics:
    Huge Designs
  • Graphics:
    Moonraker FX
  • Special Thanks:
    Camille Taylor, Bahamas Film Commission
  • Special Thanks:
    Staff of Bimini Biological Field Station
  • Special Thanks:
    Neal Watson
  • Special Thanks:
    Field School & the crew of the RV Garvin
  • Narrator:
    Mocean Melvin