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Great Shark Chow Down

  • Nat Geo

The world’s leading scientists and cinematographers relive 5 extraordinary shark feeding events. From being surrounded at night by 700 grey reek sharks, a 300-strong gathering of blacktip, dusky and bronze sharks feeding on thousands of bait fish, to the spectacular sight of more than 200 blue sharks feeding on the carcass of a seven ton whale; the Great Shark Chow Down is an epic celebration of sharks from around the world. It ends with a cautionary reminder that these spectacular feasts may soon be a thing of the past as shark numbers crash worldwide.


  • Director:
    Mark Woodward
  • Producer:
    Emily Franke
  • Exec Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe
  • Development Producer:
    Jacinth Latta
  • Narrator:
    Dan Nachtrab
  • Editor:
    James Wilson, Mark Woodward, Michael Sharck
  • Scientific Consultants:
    Neil Hammerschlag, Greg Skomal, Richard Peirce, Johann Mourier
  • Head of Production:
    Kim Keys
  • Researcher:
    Eoin Dillon
  • Production Assistant:
    Rhiannon Burton
  • Photography:
    James Blake, Joe Brunette, Mike Cunliffe, Carlos De Varona, Hansa Winshaw
  • Aerial Photography:
    Brocq Maxey
  • Post Production:
  • Sound Post Production :
    Red Six
  • Re-Recording Mixer:
    Andrew Wilson
  • Sound Editors:
    Owen Peters, Owen Shirley
  • Graphics:
    Huge Desings