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Jaws of the Deep

  • 2017
  • Discovery

White shark expert, Greg Skomal and the SharkCam team return to Pacific island of Guadalupe in search of 20 foot ‘Deep Blue’, the largest white shark every filmed. Big Wave named and filmed ‘Deep Blue’ during the making of ‘Jaws Strikes Back’ in 2014.

Working once again with shark expert, Mauricio Hoyas and engineers Roger Stokey and Amy Kukulya from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, deep-diving robot sub, SharkCam 2 tracks white sharks to depths of 748 feet. In multiple firsts, they witness the deepest attack ever recorded, strange gliding behaviour and sleep-like behaviour in the first ever track into the night.

The remarkable mission almost ends in disaster as SharkCam 2 gets attacked by sharks and then gets stuck underneath a rocky ledge at depth.



  • Director & Editor:
    Nick Stringer
  • Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe
  • Producer:
    Mark Woodward
  • Photography:
    Paul Williams & James Blake
  • Science Team:
    Greg Skomal, Massachusetts Division of marine Fisheries; Mauricio Hoyos from Pelagios Kakunja NGO
  • Engineer Team:
    Amy Kukulya & Roger Stokey, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)