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SharkCam – Greatest Hits. Shark Week 30th Anniversary Special

  • 2018
  • 1 hour
  • Discovery

SHARKCAM STRIKES BACK celebrates the remarkable discoveries shark expert Greg Skomal and engineers, Amy Kukulya and Roger Stokey from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have made in the last six years. 

It all started with RETURN OF JAWS in 2013.  In CRAZIEST MOMENT, Greg Skomal tests out SharkCam by pretending to be a dummy shark riding an underwater scooter.  Concept proved, the team’s FIRST DISCOVERY was that Cape Cod’s great whites were hunting super close to the swimming beaches. Next the team headed for the Pacific and the Shark Week firsts just kept on coming as the robot sub revealed how white sharks hunt at depth.  16 violent attacks later, it was not all plain sailing. In BIGGEST DISASTER SharkCam gets stuck at 400 foot down, and takes 6 weeks to be rescued. In 2018 Amy miniaturises SharkCam’s tag. It opens up a whole new world of smaller sharks, as they follow a bull shark for a record 17 hours in JAWS IN PARADISE. Raw emotion, amazing immersive revelation, its highlights all the way. 



  • Director :
    Nick Stringer
  • Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe
  • Producer/ Editor:
    Mark Woodward
  • Photography:
    Joe Brunette
  • Scientific Consultant:
    Greg Skomal
  • SharkCam Engineer, WHOI:
    Amy Kukulya
  • SharkCam Engineer, WHOI:
    Roger Stokey
  • Sound Post Production:
    Andrew Wilson Red Six
  • Picture Post Production :
    Films at 59
  • Special Thanks:
    Mauricio Hoyas, Pelagios Kakunja NGO
  • Special Thanks:
    Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
  • Special Thanks:
    Captain George Breen
  • Special Thanks:
    Captain Bill Chaprales
  • Special Thanks:
    Captain Nick Chaprales
  • Special Thanks:
    'Doc' Gruber, Bimini Biological Field Station
  • Special Thanks:
    Tristan Guttridge
  • Special Thanks:
    Stephen Kajiura, Florida Atlantic University
  • Graphics:
    Huge Designs
  • Narration:
    Mocean Melvin