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Hero Animals: The Dog That Battled The Bear

  • 2009
  • 30 mins
  • Channel 5/ National Geographic

Episode 1 of 6-part series for Channel 5/National Geographic

The Dog that Battled the Bear dramatically recounts the epic battle a husky dog waged against a black she-bear to save its sledge driver from death.

Paul Guitard was training his husky dog-racing team in the forests of Ontario, Canada when a black she-bear attacked, spilling him to the ground.

As the bear savaged Paul, all of his dogs ran on – except one. Lead husky, Grizzly, raced back to battle the bear, giving the badly-injured Paul the chance to escape up a tree. But bears can climb trees, too. So, Grizzly began what became a seven hour fight to fend the bear off and keep Paul safe.


'First in a new series of awe-inspiring tales of animal bravery and loyalty.' - Daily Mail
‘Of course it is a true story - you couldn’t make this stuff up’ - The Sunday Times
‘‘… and this six-part series -based on real stories - gets us feeling all warm and cosy about our four legged friends’ - Closer Magazine
"Each episode tells a moving real-life story - with the help of dramatic reconstructions'" - Total TV Guide


  • Narrator:
    Paul Viragh
  • Photography:
    Mark Hammond
  • Music:
    Al Lethbridge and Audio Network
  • Editor:
    Will Joby
  • Producer/Director:
    John Maidens
  • Executive Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe