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Hero Animals: The Dolphins That Saved The Surfer

  • 2009
  • 30 mins
  • Channel 5/ National Geographic

Episode 2 of 6-part series for Channel 5/National Geographic

The Dolphins that Saved the Surfer is a drama-documentary about the life-saving response a pod of dolphins made after a surfer was attacked by a fearsome shark.

Surfer Todd Endris was catching some mid-morning waves at a Californian beach when a great white shark struck, shredding the skin on his back, with its 3,000 or so razor-like teeth, and slicing open his leg to the bone.

Shocked, bleeding, alone, and with the shark wheeling round for another attack, Todd expected to die. Then, a pod of bottlenose dolphins arrived. They formed a protective ring around him, blockading the shark and giving Todd the chance to swim to shore .


‘Vivid and realistic reconstructions of how a pod of dolphins came to Todd Endris's rescue’ - Daily Mail
‘Dolphins take centre stage’ - The Mail on Sunday
‘A heart warming tale of cetacean dering do.’ - The Daily Telegraph
'Fantastic stuff, with a nice little reconstruction.... like a cross between Baywatch and Flipper' - Leicester Mercury


  • Narrator:
    Paul Viragh
  • Photography:
    Don Freeman, Mark Hammond and Ernie Kovacs
  • Music:
    Al Lethbridge and Audio Network
  • Editor:
    Michael Sharck
  • Producer/Director:
    Adam Mallins
  • Executive Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe