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Jaws Comes Home

  • 2011
  • 44 minutes
  • Discovery

1 Hour special for Discovery’s Shark Week

Since Hollywood blockbuster ‘Jaws’ hit the screens in 1975, the Great White all but disappeared from the Atlantic. Now it’s back!  With Great White sightings on the rise, the chances of a shark attack are increasing.  Jaws Comes Home follows US Fisheries scientist Greg Skomal as he leads a pioneering study, tracking the lives of sharks Ruthless, Curly and Storm to find out all he can about this rare and elusive shark.  From the first underwater images of an Atlantic Great White in more than 30 years to an incredible migration from Cape Cod to the Mexican Gulf, Jaws Comes Home claims many ground-breaking revelations about the secretive lives of the Atlantic Great White.


‘The Jaws Comes Home hour features a good example of why Shark Week doesn't get old.’ - Entertainment Weekly
‘The 10 p.m. special, Jaws Comes Home, brought in the highest Shark Week audience ever.’ - Throng
‘Jaws Comes Home bests previous Shark Week audience high by 20%.’ - Bell Media
'Jaws was so good last night. Thank you for a fantastic show'. - Brooke Runnette, Discovery Channel


  • Narrator:
    Mike Rowe
  • Photography:
    Nick Caloyianis
  • Music:
    Fred Karns and Richard Fiocca
  • Editor:
    Nick Stringer
  • Director:
    Nick Stringer and Nick Caloyianis
  • Executive Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe


  • Greenscreen:
    Best Marine Film
  • Houston International Film Festival:
    FInalist, Best Wildlife and Nature Film
  • New York Festival :
    Gold World Medal - Best Wildlife and Nature Film