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Shark Trek

  • 2015
  • 1 hr
  • Discovery

A SHARK WEEK special for Discovery Channel

Shark expert Greg Skomal and a team of engineers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution embark on a mission to find out why Great White sightings in Florida are on the rise. Tagging and following 4 great whites all the way from Cape Cod to Florida, Greg discovers the sharks could be timing their arrival in the sunshine state to coincide with a huge annual gathering of Black Tip sharks. Could they be feeding on them? Will the robot sub, SharkCam, reveal why the sharks are here?



“Thanks for kicking off SW 28 with Shark Trek. We are thrilled with the doc and the results. Appreciate all the hard work poured in telling this real story” - Rich Ross, President Discovery Channel
“Fantastic documentary at any age! They should be proud, as should you for your work!" - Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
“Shark Trek! The latest in a series of good specials about Dr. Greg Skomal’s research on great white sharks in New England. Last year they upped the ante by adding an underwater robot that followed and filmed sharks, and I wasn’t sure how they could top that. This year, they added an adorable ten year old shark-o-phone named Sean, and brought Greg down to Florida. He also went diving with several other species of sharks, including my favorite, the sandbar shark! We also got to see Bulls, blacktips, a great hammerhead, and a tiger” - David Shiffman, TV critic


  • Photography::
    Paul Williams & James Blake
  • Director/Editor::
    Nick Stringer
  • Producer: :
    Sarah Cunliffe & Mark Woodward