Our Productions

South Downs Shorts and 360 VR Films

We’re excited to be making a series of shorts & 360 films for the South Downs National Park Authority. The first two, Heathlands and Chalk Grasslands are available on  YouTube, narrated by the SDNPA’s, Nick Heasman. More are being edited now.


We’ve also had a lot of fun filming our first 360 Virtual Reality film to celebrate the SDNPA’s award of a Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR). Our star-studded skies are as valuable as our beautiful rolling landscapes and with properly dark skies in the South East of England under threat, our film celebrates why our dark skies are worth protecting. The film is being shown in Festivals and the SDNPA’s ‘Dark Skies’ Festivals.


HEATHLANDS celebrates some of the South Downs rarest habitat.  Stretching from  Storrington to Petersfield only 1% of the National Park is heathland.  Incredibly fragile habitat, 95% of the world’s heathland has been lost, and 20% of what’s left is in the UK. Fragmented by development and forest encroachment, the wildlife in the small islands remaining is highly vulnerable.


CHALK GRASSLANDS the South Downs hold some of the rarest habitats in the UK. The result of forest clearing since Neolithic and Bronze age times. Grazed by sheep for centuries, they are home to a huge variety of plants and creatures. Look closely and you may find 30 to 40 species in one square metre.


Beautiful landscape and close-up images illustrating the downland landscape and wildlife, and the challenges that we face here - The Living Coast