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The Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales

  • 2011
  • 1 hour
  • BBC/AP

Seven metres long and weighing six tonnes, Killer Whales are one of the most feared creatures in the ocean. Most would consider it madness to enter the water with them, but one remarkable woman thinks differently. New Zealander, Ingrid Visser is the only scientist in the world to swim with wild Killer Whales. Her maverick approach has revolutionised our understanding of these extraordinary creatures. Swimming alone, she’s discovered New Zealand is home to a unique band of shark and ray hunting Killer Whales. Critically endangered, just 200 roam New Zealand’s 9000 miles of coastline.  Recently Ingrid’s noticed a worrying trend. The population are not increasing in size and 2010 saw an unusual number of deaths. THE WOMAN WHO SWIMS WITH KILLER WHALES charts Ingrid’s one-woman mission to find out what’s going on. Her findings, reveal disturbing new information about the health of our oceans.




‘Absorbing and touching film.’ - Sunday Times Pick of the Day
‘Dr Ingrid Visser isn’t well known, but on this evidence she belongs in the ranks of Diann Fossey and Jane Goodall, women who have devoted their lives to animals.’ - Daily Telegraph Pick of the Day
‘The sight of Visser blowing bubbles with an Orca in a kind of aquatic conversation was oddly life-affirming, a lifeline to the idea that maybe humanity hasn't cocked up the planet beyond redemption.' - Metro Pick of the Day
'Beautifully filmed, edited and mixed, a clear and well written story which develops, personal passion and great presentation, and very important messages conveyed. Compelling viewing. Many, many congratulations to all.' - Patrick Morris


  • Narrator:
    John Hannah
  • Photography:
    Ben Cunningham and Steve Hathaway
  • Music:
    Roxbury Music
  • Editor:
    Mark Woodward
  • Producer/Director:
    Mark Woodward
  • Executive Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe


  • Cine:
    Golden Eagle & Special Jury Award
  • Festival International Du Film Anamalier:
    Winner, Prix de la Connaissance des Relations Entre l'Homme et l'Animal
  • Bird & Nature Festival, Abbeville:
    Winner, Best conservation Film
  • Missoulla IWFF:
    Merit Award for Inspiring Message
  • Pelagos International Film Festival :
    Winner, Special Jury Award
  • New York Television and Film Festival :
    Finalist, Best Nature and Wildlife Film
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival :
    Finalist, Best Issues Film