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BBC2 Natural World on Killer Whales gets great public response

Posted on: September 5th, 2011

After the screening of our BBC2 Natural World film ‘The Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales’ last week, thousands of viewers contacted the show’s star, Dr Ingrid Visser in New Zealand asking how they could help support her work.

“The response has been overwhelming and acts as real inspiration to continue my research,” says Ingrid.


 “Ingrid Visser belongs in the ranks of Diann Fossey and Jane Goodall – women who have devoted their lives to animals.” Daily Telegraph 31st August 2011

“The sight of Visser blowing bubbles with an orca in a kind of aquatic conversation was oddly life-affirming, a lifeline to the idea that maybe humanity hasn’t cocked up the planet beyond redemption.” Metro 1st September 2011

To view on BBC iplayer: