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Big Wave’s ‘whale fall’ shoot reaches climax

Posted on: August 27th, 2015

Big Wave’s ‘whale fall’ expedition to the Celtic Sea is reaching its climax this weekend. Despite force 8 winds, the team have already filmed large predatory sharks, common dolphins, minke whales, and a host of marine visitors that head to our shores each summer to feed.

“We were able to film and witness, probably for the first time in British waters,  blue sharks feeding on a ‘whalefall’ which was a remarkable & revelatory experience” Richard Peirce, leading shark expert

The 9-metre Humpback Whale is now on the ocean floor in 90 metres of water. Whale-fall expert, Nick Higgs from Plymouth University will observe the visitors to the carcass over the weekend by lowering a remote operated vehicle (or ROV) to the seabed. Time-lapse cameras will be left on the whale.

The team hope their findings will support efforts to get the Celtic Deep region made into a UK Marine Conservation Zone.