Last of the Dancing Bears

Last of the Dancing Bears

In parts of Greece and Turkey, tourists pay for pictures of themselves with performing bears. They don’t understand the pain and suffering that propels these beautiful creatures in their awkward dance. Thanks to the World Society for the Protection of Animals and its Operation Liberty; help is on the way. A daring night raid on a Turkish park results in freedom for some performing bears, held captive illegally and often mistreated.


Jackston Hole Wildlife Film Festival 1995 – Best Investigative Film

Chicago International Film Festival 1994 – Silver Plaque, Best Science/ Nature Documentary

Genesis Awards 1994 – Outstanding Cable Television Documentary

  • Narrator:
    Betsy Ames
  • Photography:
    Chris Openshaw
  • Music:
    Roger Bolton
  • Editor:
    Carl Thompson
  • Producer/Director:
    Sarah Cunliffe
  • Executive Producer:
    Michael Rosenfeld