My Best Friend’s An Animal

  • Love Nature
  • 2024
  • 6 part series

My Best Friend’s An Animal

  • Love Nature
  • 2024
  • 6 part series

My Best Friend’s an Animal is an emotive, heart-warming series. It tells the stories of humans who have unlikely, extraordinary friendships with wild animals. Featuring six compelling stories per episode and filmed all over the world. The series proves that when it comes to friendship, shape, size, or even species is irrelevant. Respect, trust, and understanding can be found in the most surprising places. Today more than ever we need connection; in this series, we have found the most heart-warming, exceptional, and rare stories of love, companionship, and togetherness.

My best Friend’s An Animal

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Episode 1

In Florida, USA we meet Sammi the chicken. Travelling around America with his human friend Dave, Their travels fulfil a lifelong family ambition. Together they attend a baseball game, go to work on a residential construction project and head out on the water in a kayak.

In the north of England, we find Gez and the two mice families who live under the hedge at the end of his garden. Gez introduces the characterful mice, each one named, and gives a tour around the miniature village that he has built to keep them safe.

In Kenya Zach is spending is spending time with his very important friends, Najin and Fatu, the last two northern white rhinos on earth. Caring for them is a crucial and significant job, and a responsibility that Zach takes very seriously. It’s a devastatingly sad story, but the love and care shown to the very important mammals is heart-warming.

In Los Angeles, Tiana and Rose the Californian Jumping spider are enjoying life together. After conquering her fear of spiders, Tiana is now determined to help others do the same.

In Melbourne, Australia, marine biologist Sheree dedicates her spare time to protecting the mother Octopus who occupy the waters of her local beach. Ensuring the Octopus are safe from storms and other prey, Sheree provides a stable home for them to lay their eggs and live out their last days waiting for their babies to hatch. It’s an uplifting story of conservation but also a heart-breaking story of grief.

Finally in Liberia we meet Beyan. He is preparing to say a bittersweet, emotional farewell to a Pangolin called Wolah. Wolah is now being released back into the wild.

Episode 2

In Sydney, Australia we meet Suzy and a friendly flock of Cockatoos. The birds have inspired her to become a citizen scientist.

We head to Kenya to meet Philip and Murera the Elephant. Brought together by a shared history of trauma they now live a peaceful, protected life. Mischievous baby elephant Mwana brings joy to them both.

In colder climes we find Dani patiently waiting in the snowy forests of Northern Sweden. She is hoping to spend time with her friends, the red squirrels. A fairy tale backdrop brought to life by the delightful faces of the squirrels leaping through the trees.

In Australia we meet Neil, whose life was transformed when he caught a very rare glimpse of a Platypus. His dedication to save the life of a platypus in distress, led to him improving the eco system for all local platypus. His passion for the platypus created a new life for him too.

In Tennessee, USA, Jenna is best friends with a 35 year old Turkey Vulture called George. He may not be the prettiest bird, but Jenna thinks that his playful personality makes him the perfect companion.

Finally in Gippsland Australia, it’s time for Theresa and Scruff to say an emotional farewell to a group of Kangaroos. Hand raised after being orphaned, it’s a bittersweet moment as the Kangaroos tentatively step out to a life in the wild.

Episode 3

In Australia we head to Barrington Tops, a protected wilderness where we meet a pair of Tasmanian Devils. They are preparing for a life away from their human best friend Tyler. The heart-warming relationship shared between Tyler and the devils challenges their aggressive reputation.

In Cairns we meet Tommy the Green Turtle. Tommy has recovered from a disease affecting sea turtles around the world. His pioneering care giver Jennie has developed a vaccine.

In the USA we join Lori in Missouri as she goes on a hike to see her friend Buttons the Deer. Buttons has joined Lori and her family at all of their significant family occasions since coming into their lives 12 years ago.

In Mississippi we meet three adorable beaver kits. We see their natural instincts kicking in, watching them create dams in the hallway of their best friend’s house.

In rural Illinois Laura introduces her unlikely backyard buddy, Spud, the 800kg bull! Together they embrace their love of football and Laura surprises Spud on his birthday with a present.

Finally in the UK Digger the Owl indulges in a meal of crickets and locusts in his territory, the back garden of British conservationist Nigel. We learn the emotional story of how Nigel not only saved Digger, but how Digger helped Nigel through treatment for tonsil cancer while isolated during the covid pandemic.

Episode 4

In Sydney Australia Sarah has been caring for fruit bats for more than ten years and has a particularly special bond with a bat called Banksi. Sarah took on the role of surrogate mum when Banksi was found orphaned and injured in the road as a baby.

Heading to Silverton we find Toto the misunderstood Emu. Toto is often found causing mischief in his local town but always behaves for his chosen companion Petah.

In Upstate New York, USA Todd has dedicated his life to caring for a group of pigs who would otherwise have not survived. We meet a particularly special pig called Katniss and celebrate her ‘rescueversery’ with a pineapple party.

In the tropical springs of Florida, Adam is on a mission to keep the waters clean for his favourite marine mammal, the manatee. Adam takes us on a tour of the springs both on and under the water observing his unusual looking friends.

In Oregon, Clare has created a vast natural wonderland where she rescues wild horses and sets them free once again. Inspired by her north star, a horse called Blue Zeus, Clare is committed to rewilding horses on her land.

In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe we meet Dingani and his best friend Lucy the baboon. Dingani is the alpha of the troop and has even learnt to speak baboon, allowing him extraordinary access to these primates.

Episode 5

In Nottingham England we meet Hannah and her best friend Penny the Pigeon. Penny was found close to death wandering around outside Hannah’s local pub after being kicked by previous patrons. Hannah didn’t hesitate to take Penny home and overnight became a pigeon carer, it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Heading further north to Huddesfield we find Ryad Alsous. Ryad fled his native home in Syria, escaping war and leaving his life, and job as a bee expert, behind. Ryad rebuilt his life in England as a refugee after he was gifted a hive of British Bees. He credits the bees with saving his life and now teaches other refugees the skilled art of bee keeping, creating jobs and community.

In the USA, Jeff Permar is caretaker to a family of groundhogs who have taken up residence in his garden. After initially wanting to rid his garden of them, he had a change of heart and now embraces his hungry friends, growing extra vegetables for them.

In the beautiful waters of the Bahamas Cristina Zenato visits the companions she has been spending time with for the past 20 years, Caribbean reef sharks. Known as the Shark Dancer, Cristina has uniquely physical interactions with the sharks.

In Zimbabwe we meet Baye and Richmond the Zebra; found wandering around the city, scared and alone, Richmond is Baye’s right hand man.

In South Africa we meet Riana and Faith the Cheetah. Riana nursed Faith after meningitis almost took her life and left her with severe physical and neurological disabilities.

Episode 6

In Louisiana, USA Denny has made friends with the most unlikely of animals, a nutria. After watching Neuty’s family killed by a car, Denny couldn’t help but take in the baby Nutria and raise him as one of the family. Even battling a legal case to obtain a one-of-a-kind permit, allowing him to keep Neuty.

Another unlikely friendship is that of 8-year-old Abi and her best friend Gumbo the Goose. The pair have lots in common, especially when it comes to going down the slide at the playpark.

Across the pond in the English countryside, we meet Terry, the injured, blind Hedgehog being cared for by Martin. A near death experience of his own caused Martin to rethink his life and transform from city banker to full time Hedgehog rehabilitator.

Off the coast of North England lie the Farne Islands, home to a colony of wild grey seals. Ben has been swimming with the seals for twenty years forming an extraordinary bond allowing for truly magical interactions. Ben describes his experience in the water as a form of mindfulness.

In South Africa, Belinda is friends with a Vervet Monkey called Cosima. It’s a bittersweet job for Belinda who will eventually have to say goodbye to Cosima as she joins a troop and prepares for a life in the wild.

It’s not unusual to be friends with a cat, but Claire lives with a wild cat, a serval called Jasper. After a rough start in life Jasper is very attached to his human companion who takes care of him around the clock.

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