Poison! takes us on a roller-coaster ride into the world of poisons. By mixing an extraordinary range of film techniques from reconstruction, actuality, time-lapse and high speed photography, to ground-breaking animation, special effects, the latest in macro-photography and natural history, the boundaries of the documentary genre have been pushed to their limits.

Poison! goes beyond just recounting what happens to victims who confront these killers but delves inside the human body showing just how poisons affect our bodies. From the deadly affects of snake venom to an anaphylactic reaction to a wasp sting we witness the full horror of killer poisons in our bodies. From the zombifying effects of the puffer fish we re-live the spine-chilling experiences of those who have escaped near-death with nature’s most deadly toxins. But Poison! goes well beyond just recounting what happens to the victims. Whilst showing the damage poisons can cause in the wrong hands we also see just how precious poisons can be, saving millions of lives every year from the treatment of heart disease to cancer.


“Very stylish and innovatively executed. Probably the best use of victims as actors I’ve seen to date. Well done.” Greg Diefenbach, Devillier Donegan Enterprises.

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International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula 2002 – Merit Award for Special Effects and Animation.

National Academy of Television Arts and Science 2002 – Emmy nominations for Best Director, Best Music and Sound, Best Graphic and Artistic Design.

Television Special Monitor Award 2002

New York Film Festival 2001 – Silver Medal for Best Special Effects, Bronze Medal for Best Animation.


  • Narrator:
    Ron David
  • Photography:
    Paul Williams, Robin Probyn, Tony Allen and Keith Brust
  • Music:
    Elizabeth Parker
  • Editor:
    Rick Aplin
  • Producer/Director:
    Nick Stringer
  • Supervising Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe