Turtle: The Incredible Journey

  • 2009

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

  • 2009



Narrated by Oscar-nominated, Miranda Richardson TURTLE: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY tells the story of a little loggerhead turtle, as she follows in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world.

Born on a beach in Florida, she rides the Gulf Stream up towards the Arctic and ultimately swims around the entire North Atlantic across to Africa and back to the beach where she was born. But the odds are stacked against her; just one in ten thousand turtles survive the journey.

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The film was made with the support of the Save Our Seas Foundation who are the films designated charity: www.saveourseas.com/turtlefilm

See the German website with exciting information on Tortuga narrated by Hannelore Elsner: www.tortuga-derfilm.de

See the SeaWorld website for the new release in US cinemas on the 24th June 2011: www.turtle-film.com/about.html

Awards and Festivals

ACS Award – Gold Award for Cinematography & Gold Tripod for Cinematography / Amazonas Film Festival – Official Selection / Bermuda International Film Festival – Offical Selection / BFI London Film Festival – Official Selection / Cancun Film Festival – Official Selection / Cinemagic Belfast International Film Festival – Official Selection / Denver Film Festival  – Official Selection / Doha Tribeca Film Festival – Official Selection / Fort Laurderdale Film Festival – President’s Award Winner / Kinderfilmfest – Audience Award / Ljubljana International Film Festival – Official Selection / Locarno International Film Festival – Official Selection / London Children’s Film Festival – Official Selection / New York International Children’s Film Festival – Official Selection / Rome Film Festival – Official Selection / Sevilla European Film Festival – Official Selection / Sydney Film Festival – Official Selection / Toronto Film Festival – Official Selection / Washington DC Environmental Film Festival – Official Selection /

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"Beautiful cinematography" - Time Out
"Breathtaking underwater photography" - Allen Braude, Toronto Film Festival
"Fantastic film". - The Toronto Bulletin
"10 out of 10" - Thomas, London Children's Film Festival Young Ambassador
"Wonderful, life affirming and thought provoking"... "Mesmerizing experience"... "Incredible and amazing experience" - Comments from London Children's Film Festival feedback cards
  • Narrator:
    Miranda Richardson
  • Cinematographer:
    Rory McGuinness
  • Music:
    Henning Lohner
  • Editors:
    Richard Wilkinson and Sean Barton
  • Director:
    Nick Stringer
  • Producer:
    Sarah Cunliffe, Mike Downey and Sam Taylor
  • Executive Producer:
    Mike Tims, Chris Clark and Zorana Pigott
  • Writer:
    Mel Finn