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Reflections on 2018

Posted on: January 3rd, 2019

Anyone who knows Big Wave will know we like blue sky challenges, and that we frequently take on high risk, aspirational projects with very little certainty of what the outcome will be. This was once again true for many of the shows we made in 2018, the most notable being SharkWrecked which saw two ex-military survival experts float in the ocean with oceanic white-tips for two days, and took a team of 25 to pull off (we’re now making out second ‘Wrecked’ show).

“Experience tells us we are likely to capture 70% of what we initially set out to film, but its always that 30% of unknown that usually blows our minds, and results in something remarkable” says Big Wave EP, Sarah Cunliffe. “SharkCam” in the Bahamas was a good case in point. It didn’t completely go to plan, but we’ve learnt to hold our nerve, and our broadcasters are brilliant in supporting & believing in us. The end result was another stunning, and revelatory robot sub show with the findings being written up in scientific journals and a new mission now in discussion.

So what will 2019 bring for us? Who knows. 2018 saw us make 3 specials for Shark Week’s 30th anniversary which all generated great ratings and helped make SW30 the 4th highest shark week of all time. Our BBC4 special on the New Forest, filmed through the seasons last year airs January 9th. There’s National Geographic and Discovery shows in production with numerous short films to finish for our South Downs and New Forest National Parks. We’re also making our first 360VR film – exciting!

New Years aspirations from the Big Wave team? -to make more environmental series, and raise awareness.

Happy New Year everyone, from all at Big Wave.