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Turtle’s A Hollywood Blockbuster

Posted on: February 27th, 2009

With the growing interest in cinema documentaries, entering the big screen domain of Hollywood gives us a chance to reach new audiences and raise much needed awareness about the threats to our oceans. We hope to inspire the children of today to be custodians of our marine world tomorrow, while at the same time stirring their parents to save our seas now.

The Save Our Seas Foundation (supporters of Turtle: The Incredible Journey) believe that watching Turtle: The Incredible Journey at the cinema will allow for a more dramatic and emotional experience than a TV production, keeping the ocean and issues such as over-fishing, destructive and wasteful fishing methods, pollution and the negative impacts of beach development at the forefront of people’s minds. Though the popcorn may have long vanished we hope the impact on people from the film will help stop the ocean’s inhabitants from going the same way.

By Cheryl-Samantha Owen, Save Our Seas Foundation

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